Who's Saying What About ONEPASS

Steve James

Founder/President, KenyaRelief.org

It's not hard for me to say how much I love ONEPASS's work! Amy is fabulous, and our team is not complete without her. Every good organization needs someone who captures the heartbeat of their ministry - she and her team continue to capture the heart of our work and define it. They have brought us to a deeper level with our donors and broadened our base with their high quality works of art. This body of work stands alone as the finest thing to come from Kenyarelief.org and its friends. Honored to know Amy and ONEPASS.

Dr. J. Randall O'Brien

President, Carson-Newman College, Tennessee

Amy Montalvo is one of the most talented and visionary video producers to arrive on the scene in the past 5 years. Her company, ONEPASS Productions, befriends individuals, companies, churches, clubs, cities, and colleges, creatively offering productions with a purpose. Dream! Then call ONEPASS.

Kathryn Torres

Director of Special Projects, The Shine Centre, South Africa

Working with Amy was a joy... her vision is clear and precise, and the process of filming was such an enjoyable experience! We now have a valuable resource with the click of a button. ONEPASS intuitively understood who we are, and how to best portray this: they managed to capture the energy, spirit and ethos of The Shine Centre. The film is a huge gift to us, and a highly valued and treasured resource. Thank you, ONEPASS!

Mikan Puli

Former General Manager, Thumbtack, Team Philippines

The video that Amy and ONEPASS created for us was meant as a marketing and recruiting tool, but it created a more significant impact than we could have imagined - it brought the team closer together and most importantly, helped us realize and envision our core values and what we wanted Team Philippines to be known for. Every person who saw it was deeply moved by it. It was created with love, joy and friendship, and it captured the soul of our team. Thank you, ONEPASS!

Steve Graham

Program Director, Children of Promise Ministries, Namibia

This video was priceless for us. Amy had an eye to see what is meaningful and important in our ministry and the video ONEPASS created for us told the story with great poetry. I believe that she gave people the opportunity to feel a connection with the ministry’s vision, and even with the lives of those we touch. That has a direct effect on the support that we so desperately need to continue changing lives.

Shannon Maynard

Former Director, Bankers without Borders, Grameen Foundation

Amy was masterful at working with us to understand our communication’s objectives and target audience, gathering the footage necessary to augment our existing library, and then putting it all together with such care that there was little need for revision. We saved so much time and money with ONEPASS. I have recommended the team to several people, and when I have my next video project, there is no doubt who I will call first.